Innovation to empower

a new country

Design and innovation as tools for our progress

We are a private organization founded in 2010 to lead the creative economy in Jalisco and Mexico.


Leaders of the Cluster of Innovation and Design in Mexico

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A Human Centered


Council of Innovation and Design » Consejo-ID

We work to position Jalisco and Mexico at the international level as a recognized headquarters for innovation and design, capable of providing the national and international market, generating wealth and raising the standard of living in our region.


We develop the means and scenarios necessary for the incorporation of these two tools, innovation and design, to the development processes of the industries.

Empower the progress of a new and better country through innovation, design and the creativity.

We have the recognition as Cluster of Innovation and design for being the linking and articulating agency of Creative Industry at national and international level with government, private industry, academia and society.


We are an autonomous, healthy and sustainable cluster with a great diversity of projects that during almost 10 years, we have obtained tangible results and of great relevance for our industry.

Creative Economy | True Impact

Our focus on Creative Industry has a real impact in the industry given that it is led by private initiative, people with high level of knowledge and international trajectory.


In this way we managed to surpass the theoretical efforts with tangible results thanks to companies of creative base that generate true economy.


We have developed studies and mapping on the state of our industry and in-depth analysis on the most relevant points to diversify markets and consolidate the export offer of the creative industry.


We link to public, private, academic and government organizations. We are pioneers.


Associations of professionals in graphic design, industrial, architecture, interiors and key associations of our industry.

Private Industry

We work with social initiatives that like us work to improve the conditions of life in culture, society and economy.


The main universities, public and private, are representative in our Council.


Dependencies like Jaltrade, IMPI, CoecytJal, Fojal, among others. The government as a facilitator for the consolidation of our progress.


Founders of the Network and representatives of our country

The Latin American Network of Public Policy and Design was created in 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


It is composed of a multidisciplinary group of people linked to the design process, who voluntarily work together to favor the design perspective in its political dimension in relation to its articulation with the public policies of the countries of the region.

The creative node of Mexico

You can find solutions of high value to potentiate your company.


in DICENmx 22 companies from different disciplines of the Creative Industry are hosted, ready to accompany you in the challenge of undertaking, accelerating or internationalizing your business. '


These companies are part of our network of clustered creative companies.

Mexico's Creative Economy flagship event

Innovation and Design are fundamental pieces for our region to continue to grow and consolidate, it is  time to take our rightful place in the world map of the Creative Economy.


We have training programs in design thinking, design futures, innovation, intellectual property and models of advice according to the objectives of your organization.

Training and advice

We have developed experience and much knowledge, what do you need to know? What would you like to know Do you want to replicate a model?

Transfer of knowledge

Our ecosystem can help you solve complex and ambiguous problems at industry, society and government level. From workshops to citizen laboratories.

Intelligence and solutions

We impact on Latin America and we can help to facilitate projects, activities, initiatives, ideas, entrepreneurship, licensing, among others.

international linkages

Let's talk about the future of our industry, and the progress of our country and about Latin America as the new global megaregion.

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